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Transit Visa with Single Entry for the Purpose of Participating in a Sports Activity or for Person who is part of the Official Support team

The Transit Visa category ‘S’ is available for persons who are travelling to Thailand for the purpose of engaging in a sport and for persons who are part of the official support team of the sports person(s).


Please check your nationality here for eligibility to apply for a visa at the Royal Thai Consul in Hull as some nationalities may only apply direct to the Royal Thai Embassy, London.
Please call us on +44 (0)1482 581668 if in doubt

The information below is provided on the basis that the applicant will be applying for their visa in person at the Royal Thai Consulate Hull. Persons intending to apply elsewhere for their visa need to check with the relevant authority.
The issuing of all Non-Immigrant Visas must be authorised by the Royal Thai Embassy, London prior to being issued and this process can take up to one week. When we receive authority to issue we will invite you to visit us and the visa will be issued usually within one hour.

The information on this page is available as a PDF document Download

The single entry visa is valid for three months from date of issue and allows a single stay in Thailand of up to 30 days. Do not stay in Thailand beyond the ADMITTED UNTIL date as stamped in the applicant’s passport.

To apply for this visa it is necessary for the applicant to provide the following:-

  1. Document or letter from the relevant Thai Authority and any other organisations as appropriate providing the following information that the named person(s) who is (are) either the sports person or who is (are) part of the support team of the sports person who will be officially involved in participating in a particular sports event taking place in Thailand. The letter will need to include the following:
    1. Name of sports event.
    2. Date(s) of sports event.
    3. Venue of sports event.
    4. Duration of sports event.
    5. Name of sports person or member of support team.
  2. Evidence that the applicant will be exiting Thailand to another country within 30 days of entry such as copy of onward flight ticket or similar.

When you visit the Royal Thai Consulate at Hull to apply for this visa you will need to bring with you the following:-

  1. Your passport (minimum 6 months remaining validity and with at least two blank pages for the visa and for entry/exit stamps).
  2. Two recent passport size photographs as available from a photo booth.
  3. Original completed Visa Application Form.
  4. Visa fee of £20 plus £10 processing charge, £30 in cash only.
  5. The evidence documents listed above (1 and 2).

Please note that it may be necessary when entering Thailand to be able to provide evidence of having adequate finance, currently a minimum of 10,000 Thai Baht or equivalent in another currency.

To find the Royal Thai Consulate, Hull:

Royal Thai Consulate
Priory Court
Saxon Way
Priory Park West
Kingston upon Hull
East Yorkshire
HU13 9PB

01482 581668

We are at the western outskirts of Hull, not far from the Humber Bridge.